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An air mattress is a type of mattress that’s filled or inflated with air to its maximum size so that family members and guests can comfortably sleep on it. An air mattress provides a convenient and quick way to sleep at any place and as such is extremely useful especially during camping, holiday and outdoor trips as well as providing temporary sleeping solutions to overnight guests in the guest room.

There are two types of air mattresses: camping and home. A camping air mattress is one that’s used for a short period of time during camping or outdoor trips. It is usually single- or double-layered and easily inflated with a manual pump. It deflates easily too for storage in a backpack after use. A home air mattress is one that’s used in homes either as a temporary sleeping solution to an overnight guest or it can be a permanent bedding solution to the traditional coil spring or memory foam mattresses. These types of air mattresses come in various sizes i.e. single, twin, queen and king depending on the household needs.

Top air mattress brands include Aero, ALPS Mountaineering, Bestway, Coleman, Insta-Bed, Intex, Lightspeed Outdoors, Pure Comfort, Serta, SimplySleeper, Smart Air Beds, SoundAsleep Products & Zaltana.

Top 5 Best Air Mattresses 2016

ImageProduct NamePriceRating
Air MattressSoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress$$$4.5
Intex Raised Downy 66717E Air Mattress$$3.6
Insta-Bed Raised 840017 Air Bed$$$4.2
Serta Raised ST840017 Air Bed$$$4.2
Coleman 2000010296 Air Bed$$4.1

Top Rated & Best Home Air Mattress Reviews

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress Reviews

The SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress incorporates ComfortCoil Technology featuring 40 individual air coils so as to maintain its firmness and shape (with minimal air loss throughout the night) thereby providing you and spouse (weighing up to 500 lbs) with a flat surface to sleep on comfortably and comes with built-in, one-click EZ Pump that’s engineered to inflate (and deflate) the bed to your optimal fitness level easily and fast in under 4 minutes quietly without any guesswork on your part. What’s fantastic about the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress is that it’s made of durable & thick 15-gauge puncture-resistant material so as to provide long-lasting use (against normal wear & tear) for you and your spouse and comes with extra-thick, multi-layered waterproofed flocked top for a really comfortable sleeping surface plus with SureGrip technology employed to provide strong suction grip with the hard, flat floor surfaces so as to prevent the bed from unnecessary sliding when in use, you will not want to wake up after sleeping on it. For added convenience, the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress comes with integrated cord storage to keep the power cord neatly after (or when not in) use as well as nylon travel bag to store it hence making it easier to carry it along to outdoors when the need arises.


The SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress proves to be one of the most perfect air beds due to its excellent quality and design. You can inflate and deflate the air mattress very fast. Within 4 minutes, it can be inflated and made firm to the fullest possible extent. All that you need to do is plug in the electric cord to the wall socket and flip its switch which is there on the sideline of the mattress. The patented internal high capacity pump operates with 20% less noise than most of the electric engines of other brands of mattresses. However, it produces only a slight amount of noise which is lower than the sound produced by a vacuum.

The SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress measures 78″ x 58″ x 19″ in dimensions. Its top is easily fitted by a sheet of standard size. Its elevated height allows user to sleep on it and get out of it quite easily. The “Sure-Grip” bottom and dual chamber construction prevents the air bed from sliding unwittingly. The bed is made of a multilayer, puncture-resistant material having its top with extra thick waterproof substance. With this unit, there is no question of loss of air pressure or sagging as is common with similar units from many other brands.

The SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress has been designed to last for a long time. It has 40 internal coils in total which allow greater strength and more stable support to all those who sleep over it. It comes with the Comfort Coil technology and has been designed to support weights of up to 500 lbs. With the SoundAsleep Dream Series, there is very little criticism about leakage of air.

The queen sized nature of the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress means that it might be unable to work for you in case there is space constraint in your apartment.


  • If you have a habit of travelling often and be on the road every now and then, the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress will be very comfortable and useful for you. You can sleep well over it. The product comes with a 365-day guarantee and a shipping weight of 19.4 pounds. It is available in a blue top and beige color option. It is sold in the queen size as of now and is 78 inches x 58 inches x 19 inches in dimensions after being inflated. There is also an instruction booklet along with the unit which can help you to understand how to use it properly. For the purpose of easy transportation, there is also a carry bag included with the box.
  • Whether you intend to sleep alone or with a pet or partner, the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress is up to the task. It boasts of ComfortCoil Technology that comes with 40 inner air coils It can offer a lot of support and comfort that you require for spending a relaxed night in sleep. It can be set up easily and its built-in pump for fast inflation helps you to fill it up with air in around 4 minutes. It has been designed for indoor use and not camping purposes which explains why there is no secondary valve attached with it to hook an outer motor up.
  • You can only inflate the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with a portable generator or a wall socket, given the fact that a battery is not included with the package. The bed has been constructed out of PVC which is a plastic material having natural elasticity. The product tends to stretch during the first few uses and if you are using it for over one night, you have to add some air ever day.
  • You can set up the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress easily and make it very comfortable. It has been designed to be firm enough for individual users. Its puncture resistant material also ensures that it is very durable against general wear and tear and supports up to 500 lbs weight.


  • Some users report that the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress tends to lose some air after it is used for the first few nights. This is actually due to the fact that it has been constructed of PVC, a type of plastic which stretches a little to adapt to the weight which is placed over it. The only solution for users is to deflate the unit completely and refill it with air. The process will be required for the first few nights to make the mattress firm once more like the first night and keeping it from bulging or sinking in specific regions.


The SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress functions just like it is promoted and it offers extreme comfort while sleeping. It is elevated well enough from the floor. This is a superior quality air bed and is ideal for most users out there. The unit can be slightly pricy when compared to various other mattresses in its category. The durability and reliability of the air mattress sets it apart. The mattress is worth every penny that you invest on it. As compared to various other inflatable mattresses, it has a superior quality and construction which can be relied on.

Intex Raised Downy 66717E Air Mattress Reviews

The Intex Raised Downy 66717E Air Mattress features dual chamber construction whereby the lower chamber functions as the box spring so as to provide firmness and support (with minimal deflation throughout the night) for the upper chamber that functions as a mattress thereby providing you and spouse (weighing up to 600 lbs) with a comfortable flat surface to lie down and comes with built-in, 120-volt A/C high-powered electric pump to inflate (and deflate) both lower and upper chambers easily and quickly in about 4-3/4 minutes at the touch of a switch. What’s excellent about the Intex Raised Downy 66717E Air Mattress is that it comes with 20.8-gauge high-quality, plush, waterproof flocking top (to cover the mattress) for unmatched comfort and luxurious feel so you’ll always enjoy sleeping on it, 15-gauge vinyl beams and 16-gauge bottom and sides for durability to last for a long time without much problem while an indentation on the sides ensures that fitted bed sheets are gripped tightly for neat appearance. For added convenience, the Intex Raised Downy 66717E Air Mattress comes with shoulder-strapped duffel bag to store the deflated bed after (or when not in) use thus it’s easy to bring it along to outdoors for overnight camping without much problem.


Intex Raised Downy 66717E Air Mattress has a dual chamber construction which helps the bottom chamber to be filled easily and offer various structures such as a box spring. Its top chamber can be inflated and made to function as a mattress; which can be inflated or even deflated to the level of firmness that you desire. You can top off everything with a luxurious waterproof flocking cover and allow yourself a good night’s sleep.

The Intex Raised Downy 66717E Air Mattress is perfect for relatives and guests who come to your home. Its dual chamber construction offers the perfect level of firmness and support which is lacking in standard airbeds. Its raised sleeping surface makes it easy for you to get in and out of the bed. The built-in pump of this bed allows fast inflation and can make you comfortable even when your relatives drop in unexpectedly and you have to make them comfortable for the night.

The Intex Raised Downy 66717E Air Mattress has a height of 22 inches which makes it simpler to get in and out of the mattress. As it has a dual construction design, it is able to mirror traditional mattresses and box springs. The mattress has been devised to accommodate queen size sheets of standard size which can tightly grip them. The pillow top of the bed can make a chic soft top which would be loved by your guests.

The dual chamber construction of the Intex Raised Downy 66717E Air Mattress offers a lot of support and stability which is needed for a refreshing sleep. This is the tallest of the Intex series and it also comprises of a velvety flocked top which can firmly hold the linens in position. The in-built, two-way pump helps you to set up the queen air mattress within a few minutes and inflate and deflate the unit easily by just turning the dial. Once your visitors have gone, you can easily fold the bed and store it somewhere convenient.


  • The 22-inch high Intex Raised Downy 66717E Air Mattress is ideal for people who want to sleep on an elevated bed. Guests to your home will like the firmness and support that is offered by the dual chamber construction of the unit. The lower chamber acts like a box spring on a standard bed and can offer extra support and firmness. The fitted sheets can be comfortably gripped by the indented sides. The outer perimeter frame over the bottom and the top can offer extra support and stability and can make the bed the perfect unit for sleeping. The in-built electric inflation pump allows greater ease in assembling it.
  • The recessed and built-in120V AC electric pump helps elevate the bed in around 5 minutes. The sheets can cleanly fit over the pump and you can store the AC cords in a compact manner. The bed rests 22 inches higher than the ground and is ideal for guests who like to rest on a traditional bed. The unit is constructed of heavy-gauge PVC having electronically welded seams that are durable. The bed can deflate within a few minutes. You can roll it up easily and fold the sides in and store it in a compact manner in the matching duffel bag that is included with it for easy storage and portability. The bed makes use of standard sheets. Sheets and pillows are not included.
  • The Intex Raised Downy 66717E Air Mattress has been designed for reliability and comfort and offers the comfort of a portable airbed along with the pleasure of sleeping on an elevated platform. The mattress top is covered with chic, waterproof flocking. The unit has a .053mm (20.8 gauge) waterproof flocked top with 0.41mm (16 gauge) bottom and sides and 0.38mm (15 gauge) vinyl beams.
  • The Intex Raised Downy 66717E Air Mattress can easily be inflated and deflated within a few minutes. There is a robust built-in electric pump and also a dual chamber construction. The lower chamber of the bed acts like a box spring and can offer extra support and firmness. The bed is 60 by 80 inches in dimensions and has a height of 22 inches from the surface of the floor. It can completely deflate for storage purposes and comes with a duffel bag having a shoulder strap. The bed has a weight capacity of 600 pounds. The firmness of the airbed can be affected by humidity, temperature and location. The airbeds have to be re-inflated occasionally in order to maintain their desired level of firmness. When it is used for over a few days, the vinyl is found to relax with time.


  • Some users of the Intex Raised Downy 66717E Air Mattress have reported that it has a type of rubbery smell which tends to last for the first few days of use.


When you use the Intex Raised Downy 66717E Air Mattress, you can be assured of superior quality. Intex is serious about manufacturing and designing products which can satisfy the strictest safety standards. It tests all of its finished products in an intensive manner to ensure the best safety and quality standards. This testing is done in order to check the quality and to make sure that the products will offer satisfactory service for many years to come. The bed offers all the ease of a portable airbed along with the pleasure of being able to sleep over an elevated platform.

Insta-Bed Raised 840017 Air Bed Reviews

The Insta-Bed Raised 840017 Air Bed incorporates 35 circular coils with horizontal and vertical reinforcements so as to maintain its strong and supportive structure (with no air loss throughout the night) hence providing you and loved one (up to 500 lbs in weight) with a level sleeping surface to lie down and relax comfortably after a hard day’s work and comes with NeverFLAT two-pump system featuring an auto-shutoff primary pump (with comfort control settings to set air bed to the desired comfort level (plush, medium & firm) easily at the turn of a dial) to ensure easy and fast inflation (and deflation) in less than 4 minutes as well as a secondary pump to monitor and maintain air pressure at the chosen firmness level throughout the night. What’s superb about the Insta-Bed Raised 840017 Air Bed is that it’s constructed of high-quality puncture- & water-resistant materials to ensure long-lasting use without much problem and comes with durable flocked top to provide unbelievably cozy and soft sleeping surface (as well as keeps bedding in place) plus with SureGrip technology used to deliver good suction grip with the flat floor surfaces to prevent the bed from moving when you are sleeping on it, you will definitely enjoy every minute on it. For added convenience, the Insta-Bed Raised 840017 Air Bed comes with built-in cord storage cup to store power cord tidily after (or when not in) use and customized carry bag to store deflated bed for easier travelling.


If you have the space for the Insta-Bed Raised 840017 Air Bed, you will undoubtedly have your guests a lot to appreciate you for. The bed is elevated about 18” from the surface of the floor. It is easy for users to get on the bed and off it, similar to a normal bed. It is perfect for guests who are older and look for such ease while using such beds. The presence of a lining immediately under the region of the sheets make the sheets fit comfortably.

35 coils can be found on the Insta-Bed Raised 840017 Air Bed and this allows you a comfortable sleep. There are also reinforcements in place to allow the bed to maintain its shape and also to disallow it from protruding too much straight down the middle. The bed is able to support weights of up to 350 lbs on its twin sized air mattress and up to 500 lbs over the queen sized mattress.

The Insta-Bed Raised 840017 Air Bed consists of a built-in pump which can inflate the air mattress in only two or three minutes. The pump can quickly inflate the air mattress and can produce some amount of noise. Once the bed is inflated completely, the primary pumps tend to cut off. However, the secondary pump is noiseless and can automatically engage when the sensors can detect a reduction in air pressure in order to preserve the firmness of the beds.

You can get the Insta-Bed Raised 840017 Air Bed in as many as 3 firmness levels – Plush, Medium and Firm. Once you have set your preferred settings, the pump can monitor the pressure levels constantly and automatically. Its pumps also effectively work to quickly deflate the air mattress. It is advised that you switch the pumps on while using the bed. When the pumps are switched off, you can still find the air mattress to be inflated although you might experience a loss in firmness level and a moderate amount of sag.


  • With the neverFLAT pump, the Insta-Bed Raised 840017 Air Bed blends unique mechanical features along with structural design in order to offer one of the top most air beds in the industry. It proves to be a superior quality product due to the neverFLAT pump, which is a dual pump system in actuality. The first pump is robust enough to make the inflation fast enough. The second pump is whisper quiet and works along with sensors to provide the bed with the requisite level of firmness all through the time of use.
  • The Insta-Bed Raised 840017 Air Bed, along with the power to maintain same level of firmness all through the time of use, consists of various features which can help make it more comfortable and stable. The bed not only boasts of excellent features which make it one of the smoothest units in the market, but also makes it extremely easy to assemble and store away. Buyers will find it very difficult to get another air mattress which has all of the comfort features of this unit and is similarly easy to use.
  • The Insta-Bed Raised 840017 Air Bed is very convenient and comfortable to use, and also extremely versatile in use. It can be quite useful to have around the home when guests want to stay for the entire night. The travel bag it comes with can also make it very easy to take along during travels. It can easily be used and hassle-free to store away. It is perfect for use on a temporary basis. The unit boasts of many comfort features which make it desirable enough for use for long periods. Whether you require a piece of temporary bedding or a mattress which lasts slightly longer, this is the bed to go for.
  • The dual-pump system is the standout feature of the Insta-Bed Raised 840017 Air Bed. It can inflate the bed very fast and allow it to maintain its firmness while it is still in use. The structural design of the bed also offers a high degree of stability and comfort to users. When it comes to convenience and comfort, only a few products in the market are able to rival this unit.


  • The Insta-Bed Raised 840017 Air Bed blends excellent structural design with unique mechanical features to offer one of the most superior quality air beds in the industry. You should, however, remember that the price of the bed is lesser than a variety of other units. Naturally, it is able to last for lesser period than more expensive beds to be found in the market.


The Insta-Bed Raised 840017 Air Bed is an extremely comfortable temporary bed. The mattress scores a number of points due to the patented neverFLAT Technology that it comes with which allows it to maintain its level of firmness and not get deflated in the middle of the night. The technology can work in a flawless manner to keep the mattress inflated well enough. You will not find any air leaks or popped seams in the bed at any time during your use of the product. It is a cut above the standard air mattresses and its comfort, durability and features make it worth more than the cost it comes at.

Serta Raised ST840017 Air Bed Reviews

The Serta Raised ST840017 Air Bed is a very comfortable bed which can give a lot of pleasure to the occupants and can keep them happy with the excellent features and the 2-year warranty that it comes with and which makes it one-of-a-kind among other air mattresses. The bed can be inflated and deflated fast by making use of its easy-to-use built-in pump. The bed has NeverFLAT technology which keeps it from losing pressure at the time of night. Even if the bed loses its firmness, it will be silently refilled by its pump. This is a queen size mattress and it is ideal for 2-3 people to sleep on it. It is easy to get in and out of the bed as it is taller than an air bed of standard size, and this makes it more advantageous.


The Serta Raised ST840017 Air Bed is ideal for just about any family. It comes fitted with a robust internal NeverFLAT (NF) AC Pump which helps inflate and deflate it more easily. In order to keep the level of firmness constant, the sensors monitor the pressure of air within the mattress and can engage a silent secondary pump actively and when required. Due to the elevation, the bed helps you to customize its firmness according the level of comfort that you prefer. The flocked top allows the bedding to be kept in position. The convenient carrying bag provides greater ease in transporting the bed.

The built in NeverFLAT technology allows the Serta Raised ST840017 Air Bed to offer total comfort to the back as well as to all the other parts of the body. It is regarded as a popular airbed due to its convenience, comfort and softness. While sleeping at night, you can adjust the pressure of the airbed automatically. The technology is extremely useful in preventing the loss of air pressure and sagging problems which can always be found in most of the airbeds. The NeverFLAT technology makes the bed auto-engaging and it can be silently pumped up to control the steady demands of air while sleeping. You can be assured of an undisturbed sleep. You can choose the level of firmness that you want from the three options – Plush, Medium and Firm. Once this is done, the mattress will be inflated by the main electric pump in only a few minutes.

When the primary pump of the Serta Raised ST840017 Air Bed stops its work, the secondary pump begins the action and maintains the regular air-pressure within the bed to offer comfortable sleep at night. As the pump works automatically, it will stop working once the bed has been fully inflated. The pressure sensing technology of the mattress can constantly check whether the chosen setting is as per your comfort. As the pump does not produce any disturbing sound, you can enjoy a sound sleep without any type of disturbance.


  • A portable bed, the Serta Raised ST840017 Air Bed offers all the convenience of storing, carrying and placing the unit just about anywhere in your home. The air bed is able to inflate to a height of 16 inches and is perfect for your friends and family members to enjoy a good night’s sleep. The advanced AC pump can easily deflate and inflate the airbed. The “raised height” feature makes it very easy for you to get in and out of the bed. The soft flocked top can perfectly cover the bed. There are 35 round coils on the Queen bed and 21 round coils on the Twin Bed with flat and perpendicular reinforcements.
  • The Serta Raised ST840017 Air Bed is quite popular among buyers and it comes with an inexpensive price tag as compared to similar units from various other brands of airbeds to be found in the market. This is a perfect mattress when it comes to ease of use and the comfort.
  • The Serta Raised ST840017 Air Bed is a deluxe model airbed. Some buyers might love to use it as their primary bed as it offers excellent comfort and proves to be highly user-friendly. You can pack it into a rolling case to take along on a trip. You can quickly set it up to accommodate guests and visitors to your home. The model is also advantageous in the sense that it can help two people sleep at once.
  • The Serta Raised ST840017 Air Bed can easily be unpacked and made ready. It has a powerful pump and you can inflate the bed within a few minutes. You can also deflate it and pack it away in a simple carry case within a few minutes. This is a decent and very comfortable air bed. There is excellent support structure and it offers you variable settings to choose from. The air mattress comes with legs which allow it to be elevated.


  • Some users report that the frame of the Serta Raised ST840017 Air Bed is slightly heavier than traditional air mattresses. Even with its heavy frame, however, it can be packed easily and stored. Many users will love the additional stability and comfort that it offers.


When it comes to comfort and convenience, there are few airbeds which can beat the quality of the Serta Raised ST840017 Air Bed. Users can take it on the road when they require a bed to take along for travel purposes and keep them at home for guests to spend overnight. The unit offers the comfort of top end models and can also be set up and transported quite easily. It offers a great deal of convenience and comfort and makes for a great buying option. If can be customized according to your needs and it offers all the support and stability which can be matched by only a few other models in the market. It offers one of the best sleeping experiences for users with any type of requirement and whether you need plush comfort or simply a standard bed, this unit will be up to the task.

Coleman 2000010296 Air Bed Reviews

The Coleman 2000010296 Air Bed comes from the brand known as Coleman, which is widely known for the superior quality outdoor products that it offers. This unit is not an exception. It is a perfect blend of durability and comfort which makes it ideal for use in outdoor and indoor environment. The inflatable mattress has a fast and easy assembly and storage, tough PVC construction and a raised sleep surface. For a super low price, it is the best in its class. While the bed has been made keeping the traveling and camping people in mind, it is also ideal for use as a home air mattress. The bed looks stunning to the view and has a sturdy construction – not to mention that it comes from a reputed brand.


The Coleman 2000010296 Air Bed has been fitted with the patented Double Lock Valve System from Coleman. The system has been devised to trap air at the time of inflating and keeping your bed firm as you take rest. Its strong vinyl construction, along with its air tight system, makes it ideal for a good and comfortable sleep for the entire night. After a few days of inflated use, you might need to top off the air slightly. However, it can hold quite well when it is compared to various other airbeds which can be found today in the market.

As compared to many of the raised air bed counterparts to be found, the Coleman 2000010296 Air Bed does not consist of an in-built electric pump and this makes it perfect to be used for camping environments where electric power is found to be absent. The bed can easily be pumped up and made ready for use within a small amount of time by making use of a robust and fast-inflating pump such as the Coleman Rechargeable QuickPump.

The Coleman 2000010296 Air Bed is comfortably tall and can fit the deep-pocket Queen-size sheets quite easily. It comes fitted with the ComfortSmart coil system from Coleman which can conform to the sleep position of the body. There is also soft suede top. The bed is able to inflate within 3 minutes due to the 120-volt electric QuickPump that is included with it. The bed measures 78 by 60 by 17 inches when it is completely inflated. It also comes with the exclusive Wrap ‘N’ Roll storage system from Coleman. All that you need to do is roll the unit unto a bag that is included with the package, tie it and take it along.

The Coleman 2000010296 Air Bed is safeguarded by the Airtight System from Coleman’s and it is equipped with a double lock valve which can open widely enough to allow easy and fast inflation and deflation. The exclusive PVC formula of this bed is puncture resistant 15 percent more than standard beds and is able to withstand pressure of up to 600 pounds.


  • The Coleman 2000010296 Air Bed comes with a suede surface which offers smooth comfort. Its coil system design offers consistent and even comfort. The 3 tiered layers of the bed offer great height, similar to a standard mattress. Due to the strong PVC material, you do not have to worry even a bit about punctures. The built-in pump makes everything a breeze when you are taking the air bed down or setting it up.
  • The double high foundation of the Coleman 2000010296 Air Bed helps you to inflate the mattress to a normal height. The base of the bed is supported by some great features, such as the Airtight and Double Lock Valve systems which allow the air to be kept in and makes you feel that you have rested well when you get up in the whole morning. The Wrap-N-Roll™ Storage System of the Coleman air mattress allows easy storage and the 120V QuickPump promises hassle-free deflation and inflation.
  • The Coleman 2000010296 Air Bed can be a perfect substitute for the standard sleep mats which are used by people who like to go hiking or camping. It is possibly one of the most lightweight air mattresses that you can find in the market today, considering the fact that it has only a single chamber construction. Although it is thinner as compared to many of its counterparts, you can rest assured that it will offer you a sleep for a good night due to the suede finishing on top and the 48-coil system. There will not be any backaches to spoil the mood of your trip. In case you go camping frequently with a partner, you will be able to share the mattress also share many of the other features between the two of you.
  • The Coleman 2000010296 Air Bed has not been designed to be indestructible, but it can survive and withstand any untoward situations. The quality and durability of the unit make the investment seem worthwhile and you can expect a lot of convenience and comfort.


  • The Coleman 2000010296 Air Bed consists of more seams due to its triple layer design. This makes it more vulnerable to air leaks. This is because the seams are in the spots in which punctures can be expected the most. However, users have reported that the leakage of air is minimal as compared to lots of other air mattresses from competing brands.
  • Also, you need to keep in mind that as the cost of the Coleman 2000010296 Air Bed is lesser as compared to various other units it can last for slightly less time than pricier units.


The Coleman 2000010296 Air Bed is undoubtedly one of the best and most lightweight and superior quality mattress that you can expect in its price segment in the market today. The fact that it comes from the stable of Coleman, which has built a solid reputation in the market with its mattresses and other outdoor products, makes it even more reliable. This is one of the more value for money mattresses that you can use and it keeps up the good name of Coleman.

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