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An electric smoker is an equipment that’s used to cook meat slowly at a low temperature so as to break down the connective tissues and fat to obtain juicy and tender results. An electric smoker comes with a thermostat temperature control system to control the temperature needed to cook the meat efficiently, making sure that the temperature is not set too low or too high but maintained between a range of about 200 – 250 degrees Fahrenheit throughout for best results. An electric smoker is also convenient and easy to operate since it does not deal with fire directly (as opposed to a charcoal smoker) and as such lacks the distinct flavor and taste of real barbecued meat.

Top electric smoker brands include Bradley Smoker, Brinkmann, Cajun Injector, Char-Broil, Landmann, Masterbuilt, Old Smokey, Smoke Hollow, Smokehouse Products, Smokin Tex & Smokin-It.

Top 5 Best Electric Smokers 2016

ImageProduct NamePriceRating
Electric SmokerMasterbuilt 20070910 Electric Smoker$$$4.4
Bradley BTDS76P Electric Smoker$$$4.2
Smokehouse Products Little Chief 9900 Electric Smoker$$$4.1
Old Smokey OSES Electric Smoker$$$4.2
Brinkmann Gourmet 810-7080-K Electric Smoker$$$4.3

Top Rated & Best Electric Smokers

Masterbuilt 20070910 Electric Smoker Reviews

Masterbuilt is a reputed brand which has been producing some affordable smokers for a number of years, which include electric refrigerator style smokers such as the Masterbuilt 20070910 Electric Smoker. The 20070910 is a 30-Inch Electric Smokehouse Smoker which joins the long line of superior quality products from this brand. The unit has a massive cooking surface of 2.5 cubic feet on the four cooking racks. This large capacity allows you to cook enough food to provide for a large group of people.


Made of superior quality material, inside and out, the Masterbuilt 20070910 Electric Smoker has been designed for use over a long time. It has an exterior made of high quality steel with the external surface having a powder coating for long time use. The well insulated interior helps to improve the heating and make the unit more energy efficient.

The huge cooking surface of 2.5 cubic feet on four cooking racks allow a larger area for cooking to users. The powder coated exterior and full steel interior allow use for a long time period. There is a thermostatic controlled electric heating element and an all digital control panel. The Masterbuilt 20070910 Electric Smoker consists of an air damper which can help in smoke generation. There is also side access to help users load the wood into the unit. It is fully insulated to make the smoker more energy efficient for cooking purposes.

The Masterbuilt 20070910 Electric Smoker produces smoke by heating wood chips which are loaded onto an isolated tray in the underside of the smoker. The air damper can help produce more smoke to make sure that the foods get the maximum amount of smoke.

The Masterbuilt 20070910 Electric Smoker, for greater ease of operation, consists of an all digital operator panel. This makes it a lot easier for you to regulate the internal cooking temperature and understand when it can be ready for you to be loaded with food and help you initiate the cooking process. There is also a thermostatic control in it so that you are able to set it and place the vegetables and meat on the racks before stating the cooking process.

The Masterbuilt 20070910 Electric Smoker can be used very easily and the presence of a convenient remote allows you to control the model in an easy manner. This will help you to set the smoker and also control its various functions without being present close to the smoker at all times.

The Masterbuilt 20070910 Electric Smoker also comprises of a viewing window which can help you to monitor easily how the smoking is being done. The unit also consists of a bright internal light which can help raise the visibility of all the foods which are being smoked within this unit. The model is also advantageous due to the fact that it is portable. The unit has been fitted with smooth-rolling wheels to make it easy for you to transfer it to a different spot whenever you need. The product also consists of a meat thermometer which can help you to regulate the temperature quite easily without any requirement to open the door and manually check it.

The Masterbuilt 20070910 Electric Smoker requires only minimal amount of maintenance. You will also get features to set your food up for cooking purposes. The timing and the temperature can be programmed with the aid of a thermostat control and allow you to make sure that everything is automated completely. The wood chips for the purpose of flavor can be kept in the side tray and made ready when the right temperature is reached. This indicates that you will be able to become an expert quickly with good recipes. The unit belongs to the class of ‘set it and forget it’ smokers.


  • The presence of a digital thermometer is one of the best things about this electric smoker, and you can access it very easily. Due to this reason, you will not have to make guesses when it comes to attaining the perfect temperature for the smoker. You will not have to sweat while smoking foods. Even users who have never tried to smoke at anytime earlier will be unlikely to suffer from any major issues while using the product. The fact that it is quite spacious also makes it more special over others. It has a cooking area of 730-square inch and you can easily prepare foods, such as slow-cooked barbecue, for a large group.
  • The Masterbuilt 20070910 Electric Smoker has a large cabinet design and this indicates that you have enough to space to spread out your food and set it up for a large group of people. The unit can be set up quite easily and you will find it even easier to clean afterwards. There is a rear-mounted grease pan and a removable drip pan to hold the left over grease.
  • Other than being one of the more affordable electric smokers out there, the Masterbuilt 20070910 Electric Smoker is also an energy-efficient unit. The unit is fully insulated around the cabinet, which can capture the heat within and need less power to be operated. This is very essential when the outer temperature drops and you will notice that the smoker is less affected by low temperatures than the majority of other units. You can find the economy to be enhanced many times over when you use it to full capacity. This means good news for budget buyers.


  • The main downside of the Masterbuilt 20070910 Electric Smoker is its inconsistency in maintaining a specific temperature. It is also challenging to produce smoke continuously. It also comes with a short cord which can cause issues when the power socket is located far from the smoker. It is preferable to use extension cables in this case, although you have to buy these separately.


If you have been looking for a low-cost electric smoker which can help you prepare some jerky or few pounds of barbecue, the Masterbuilt 20070910 Electric Smoker might be the perfect choice for you. It has been designed to be automatic and it is ideal for experienced as well as beginner smokers.

Bradley BTDS76P Electric Smoker Reviews

The Bradley BTDS76P Electric Smoker offers a better and easier way to smoke, roast and barbecue in the outdoor environment automatically. It comes with all of the features of the Original Bradley Smoker, as well as the advantages of digital technology. It is ideal for making gourmet foods on your own and getting the pleasure of the flavor acquired by smoking. It is ideal for entertaining friends, guests and visitors in your home. The smoke, time and temperature can be controlled completely and you will be able to decide the amount of smoke that you need, the time period for which your food is to be smoked for and also the temperature it is going to be smoked at.


The Bradley BTDS76P Electric Smoker is surely a great smoker which comes with all of the perfect options for cooking up great food. It has been create in such a way that it can roast or smoke foods perfectly for a specific time period, temperature and smoke level. As a user, you only need to set the initial parameters and wait for some time while you do all the associated things needed for making savory dishes with arresting smell and taste.

The Bradley BTDS76P Electric Smoker is a piece of basic equipment and it is quite easy to use due to the fact that no human interference is needed after the initial assembly. The smoker has a sleek design and there are no sharp edges which makes it completely safe to use for buyers. The unit makes use of flavor bisquettes for a period of around 15 to 20 minutes at a continuous temperature and then advances them off automatically to the burner.

At a weight of only about 42 pounds, the Bradley BTDS76P Electric Smoker can easily be shifted from one place to another. Other than the easy portability, it also offers greater comfort in the form a 1-year warranty from the actual date of purchase from an honest dealer. The smoker has enough space in it to allow you to adjust foods on it. It has a volume of 2,288-cubic-inch along four movable racks and each of these racks measure 11 x 13 inches in dimensions.

The spacious area is one of the most praiseworthy aspects of the Bradley BTDS76P Electric Smoker and it offers buyers the choice of roasting or smoking about anything that they want. They can get enough space to cook their foods well and make the mouths of their invited ones water with the smell and taste of the delicacies that they prepare. The product has managed to get a high 4 out of 5 stars in the average review rating given by consumers.

The Bradley BTDS76P Electric Smoker boasts of the interiors of a hot salver with a lower heating ability. There is also a detailed feeding scheme for making biscuits which have been prepared in dice shape and it is the primary source of producing clean smoke. This ensures that you will not be at risk of having your foods overcooked and not suffer from results of any aftertaste afterwards. The smoker also consists of a secondary heating regulator which can assist in managing the heat of the smokehouse. As the product is quite spacious, it is able to make room for a large number of foods which would taste great. You can be content that each moment of cooking that you want to spend with your loved ones will be truly cherish-able.


  • As per most buyers of the Bradley BTDS76P Electric Smoker, the product is extremely easy to use and makes great quality foods. Almost all of them assert that the unit can offer excellent results and it also boasts of some great features. It has a superior quality cooking performance. The product, as a matter of fact, has earned the highest ratings from being ideal for both indoor and outdoor cooking purposes without resulting in burning up of foods as well as homes. As this is a digital unit, you can be assured that the time for cooking as well as the temperature can be managed effectively.
  • Other than using it to prepare barbecue, you will also be able to use the Bradley BTDS76P Electric Smoker to cold smoke fish, such as smoked salmon. You will also be able to use it in the form of a food dryer to prepare dried fruit and great jerky fruit. The stainless steel interior makes it very easy for you to do the job. The efficient customer service and after-sales support from Bradley makes it a further special product to buy.
  • With the Bradley BTDS76P Electric Smoker, you will be able to get a wide range of smoking capabilities. The unit produces smoke by burning wood disks which are added to it through a controlled mechanism. You will be able to get as little or as much smoke that you wish without having to tend to any fire. Once you have set it, you will be able to leave it until the time to eat comes near.


  • The only downside about the Bradley BTDS76P Electric Smoker is the fact that as a user, you will need to purchase the Bradley’s wood morsels to make use of the feeder mechanism. Due to this reason, there is some amount of expense on your part.


The electrically powered Bradley BTDS76P Electric Smoker is thermostatically controlled and has been able to satisfy a large number of buyers with its excellent looks, features and performance. You will easily be able to load up this unit with all anything that you want to smoke. Simply load the bisquette dispenser and turn it on. Just 8 hours later, you will be able to get smoked fish, barbecue and practically anything that you need. Although this might not sound as great as authentic barbecue, the product has been designed to offer you as close a performance as possible without needing you to set vents and tend a fire.

Smokehouse Products Little Chief 9900 Electric Smoker Reviews

The Smokehouse Products Little Chief 9900 Electric Smoker is a medium sized smoking unit from the stable of Smokehouse Products. It consists of 4 grills and a 250 watt element and has been designed to cook beef, fish, pork, poultry and other games. This is an all-aluminum side unit which has been around for many decades and is still one of the most popular smoking units out there. This is a durable and affordable smoker and is a true winner for you when it comes to searching a top rated portable smoking unit today in the market.


The Smokehouse Products Little Chief 9900 Electric Smoker is an electric smoking unit and you can plug it into any standard 3-prong 110-120 AC outlet. The heating element of this product can heat up the smoking chamber to about 165 degrees Fahrenheit. The unit is ideal for smoking trout, jerky, salmon, cheese, nuts, fruit, sausage, bacon, turkey, steaks, hams and about any kind of food out there.

The Smokehouse Products Little Chief 9900 Electric Smoker has a durable aluminum construction. You might feel that this is a flimsy unit. However, it is not so in actuality. The unit is sturdy, made as it is out of aluminum, and is highly portable and extremely lightweight.

The dishwasher-safe drip pan is a great addition to the Smokehouse Products Little Chief 9900 Electric Smoker on the part of its makers. For anyone who tends to wash dishes at home, this can be a very useful feature. You can just throw the drip pan into a dishwasher and just after the first cycle, it will come out completely cleaned. You will not have to scrape off the grease with effort.

If you are looking for a smoker which can help you serve up small quantities of food, such as for a small group of friends or for a small household, the Smokehouse Products Little Chief 9900 Electric Smoker will be right up for your use. This unit has a compact profile which will surely loved by you. It is 11.5 inches wide, 24.5 inches high and 11.5 inches deep. You can understand from these dimensions that the unit will be good enough even if you have only a small amount of space available in your home.

Once the Smokehouse Products Little Chief 9900 Electric Smoker is taken out of its package, you will not have to worry even a bit about the assembly and installation. This one comes in a completely assembled unit and you will not have any reason to invest time and effort to put together its pieces. You will not have to wait for a long time before you can begin smoking.

You will not have to worry about purchasing wood chips either during the first of the few meat batches which are to be smoked. This electric smoking unit can be bought with 1.75 pounds or natural wood chips from Smokehouse.

The Smokehouse Products Little Chief 9900 Electric Smoker is a superior quality product and you can be confident about its construction and overall performance. You can rest assured that you will get all kinds of support from the manufacturer of this unit when it comes to faulty parts or defects in the smoker. The device comes with a warranty period of 2 years and you will be easily able to get in touch with the manufacturer in case of any issues.


  • The Smokehouse Products Little Chief 9900 Electric Smoker is a long lasting and affordable smoking unit. When it comes to finding a top rated smoker in the market today, there is hardly any other unit that can serve you so well. A lot of buyers like the vented design of this unit as it is quite advantageous when it comes to improvements in the dehydration process. This is actually one of the primary reasons you can have confidence on the output of this machine. The product weighs a mere 15 pounds and also consists of an interior cooking space that is amazingly large. It is ideal for camping or for outdoor trips or when you are traveling for picnic.
  • The Smokehouse Products Little Chief 9900 Electric Smoker is front-loading in nature and whether you are an expert or a novice you will find it very easy to use this unit. Each of the racks is fitted to the smoker with easy-slide grills. It has an excellent sliding mechanism which can make sure that you never suffer burn injuries or drop even a single piece of food accidentally on the floor.
  • In case you wish to add some additional flavor to the smoked meal that you have prepared, you can add the liquid into its fuel pan and allow the smoke to waft through the flavor. This can add more flavor to your food all through the smoking process.
  • The Smokehouse Products Little Chief 9900 Electric Smoker is able to accommodate as much as 25 pounds of fish and this is more than enough to satisfy the requirements of more mouths than a family man can think of feeding. This is an easy to use unit and offers terrific smoking of foods very easily.


The Smokehouse Products Little Chief 9900 Electric Smoker is unable to smoke big items such as a whole chicken or brisket. If you are in need of a smoker grill which is able to do this, find one with an automatic pellet feed and more heat. Also, you might like to get an insulated blanket to wrap the grill as its heat can be affected by wind.


The Smokehouse Products Little Chief 9900 Electric Smoker can be perfect for you if you are searching for a unit which can smoke sausage or jerky with ease, and is also easy on the pockets. It is perfect for camping or home cooking purposes and can be an enviable addition to your kitchen. It comes only at a moderate price tag and will not let you down.

Old Smokey OSES Electric Smoker Reviews

The Old Smokey OSES Electric Smoker is one of the new smoking units from Old Smokey, which has been manufacturing smokers since the 30’s. It has been one of the most famous brands in and around Texas. A heavily tried and tested unit, the Smokey OSES has been proven to be very easy to use and an extremely durable unit. It has a simple design which makes it quite easy to use and it can help you make mouthwatering barbecue without a lot of effort or fuel. At just a little of 150 USD, this is one of the most affordable smokers that you can get in the market.


A lightweight barrel smoker, the Old Smokey OSES Electric Smoker consists of a robust heating element with a at 1,250 watt rating. It is able to heat up to unit to 250 F in a comfortable manner. The unit makes use of two smoking grates which can be accessed from above. You can use the 12.5” cooking space on the lower smoking rack, or the 14.5” one on the upper smoking rack. At only 24 pounds, this is a lightweight unit and can move it outside easily or store it in a cabinet when not using.

The Old Smokey OSES Electric Smoker consists of a tightly-sealing lid. A crude temperature adjustment rheostat maintains its temperature. The smoker does not come with insulated walls and it would typically lose much heat but the robust element generally makes sure that the heat is sustained even in cold weather conditions. However, there is a lack of a standard temperature gauge although it can be bought at an affordable rate.

The top part of the Old Smokey OSES Electric Smoker has a tight seal which can keep the juices within and it produces moist and tender food every time. In order to help in the dehydration and pasteurization process, the proper venting is useful. It can ensure that your food remains safe and does not make you fall sick. You can make your own wood chips or buy them from the manufacturer. You can use whichever kind of tree that you have in your hand in order to get a terrific smoked flavor.

The Old Smokey OSES Electric Smoker comes sealed and it can help you to keep your food highly moistened. Similarly, the minimal air infiltration ensures that there is little risk of the wood chips being burned up too fast.

The flat-top design of the Old Smokey OSES Electric Smoker can help you to keep your pork, poultry, venison or meat more tender and moist. It can help you to cook faster as all the heat remains trapped within the smoker to offer the ultimate smoke. For easier transportation of the unit, the handles fold down. It also consists of 3 temperature settings which can make sure that you get your food in your desired taste – whether it is roasted, barbecued or smoked. It has a simple design and can be used by anyone. The closed space is also advantageous in the sense that it can go through the wood in an efficient manner and you can get your food to serving temperature quickly. This is one more reason why you always need to use a thermometer with this unit.

Whether you are an expert or a beginner, you will find the Old Smokey OSES Electric Smoker to be an ideal choice. It is easy to assemble and easier to use. When you generally use a smoker, you cannot go far from the unit and be close to it as long as your food continues to be smoked. However, this is not something that you have to do with the Old Smokey OSES Electric Smoker. You will be able to leave the smoker and walk away for short time periods to attend to some other activities or get other foods to be inserted into the unit. You can check this often and continue to smoke the foods exactly as if you are standing and monitoring the entire process.

Basically a tin can with a heat element, the Old Smokey OSES Electric Smoker consists of a drip pan and two racks for the food. The smoker is made more special due to its simple design. The heating element of the unit is able to generate enough heat to allow roasting or grilling at low temperature. It has been designed to smoke at slow or low temperatures. All that you have to do is load wood chips onto the heated plate to produce smoke and load foods above its drip pan located over the racks. Barbecue is made easy due to the electric design of this smoker.

The Old Smokey OSES Electric Smoker is actually not much more than a big stock pot in its design. It consists of a 1250 watt heat element in its base. There is a smoke plate above the element for the wood chips to make smoke. The drip pan is located above it. As it is not a vertical water smoker, a water pan is not needed. The clean-up is made easier due to the drip pan and above the pan are dual cooking grates which can hold enough food. The lid can tightly fit on the top and hold smoke and heat in. The cooking grates are approximately 15” in diameter.


  • The Old Smokey OSES Electric Smoker can offer a nice smoked flavor to venison, beef, pork, poultry and any other food that you wish to smoke. The flat-top feature makes it easy to lock in the taste and allow continuous heat for basting – thus making foods tastier and less dry.
  • The Old Smokey OSES Electric Smoker is appropriately vented to help in the pasteurization and dehydration process. The smoking unit includes smoking chips, a convenient drip pan, two smoking racks and strong carrying handles to help your food get a smoked flavor.


The Old Smokey OSES Electric Smoker is a very reliable and superior quality smoker and you can hardly go wrong with it. The smoker is affordable and you can be assured of getting tasty foods cooked up easily with it.

Brinkmann Gourmet 810-7080-K Electric Smoker Reviews

The Brinkmann Gourmet 810-7080-K Electric Smoker is the perfect electric smoking unit which does a great job of grilling and will be ideal for you if you are searching for an entry level smoker which can easily perform without giving you any hassles. It is not expensive and is a versatile cooking smoker which can grill foods very well. This is a UL-listed electric grill which has been designed for barbecuing or smoking chicken, turkey, pork, beef or any other meat at your ease. This is a robust grill and it comes with a couple of double-sided chrome-plated steel grills which is able to support up to 50 pounds.


The Brinkmann Gourmet 810-7080-K Electric Smoker is slick in appearance and comes with a 1500 watt heating element comprising of a dome lid and lava rocks for the purpose of smoking meat. The grill also comes with a front-hinged door comprising of stay-cool wooden handles which can prevent you from suffering burns. The unit comes with a porcelain-coated steel water container consisting of a Vinyl cover. It is 17 x 17 x 35 inches in size and is offered with a limited warranty period of 1 year.

The Brinkmann Gourmet 810-7080-K Electric Smoker consists of wooden handles which can help you avoid the risk of suffering burns while holding the unit when it is warm. Even when you use the smoker for a long time, you will be able to touch its handle very easily without any issues. Due to the presence of these handles, you can easily transfer the unit from one spot to another. At only 28 pounds, this unit only 28 pounds in weight and is not heavy for you to suffer any discomfiture at the time of transportation.

The Brinkmann Gourmet 810-7080-K Electric Smoker boasts of two steel cooking grills that are chrome-plated. This makes it long lasting and you will be able to enjoy its performance for a long time period. The grills allow you to hold up to 50 pounds of food which are to be smoked.

With the Brinkmann Gourmet 810-7080-K Electric Smoker, few things can be expected to go wrong. The unit is able to keep the temperature maintained evenly at about 220 degrees. Unlike charcoal based smokers that have to be regulated by users, this unit does not need you to supply any input. The smoking can take care of its own without your assistance. Even then, you need to remember that the unit should be placed in a well vented spot as the smoker produces a high amount of smoke if it is properly used. When you use it in rainy weather, it is best to cover it as fast as possible in order to reduce the risk of corrosion. Apart from the maintenance issues and the basic security, you will not have to worry about anything. You need to take a deeper look at its abilities.

The Brinkmann Gourmet 810-7080-K Electric Smoker has a lid with a well-thought design and it can accommodate larger foods. Other than this, it is also very efficient which ensures that the heat can evenly circulate within the unit to allow more delicious foods. It can also help keep the moisture intact to make the prepared foods juicier in taste. This is quite advantageous as it can ensure that you will not need to devote much time to smoking. The unit also consists of lava rocks at its bottom, which enhances the power offered by the unit.

Other than using the Brinkmann Gourmet 810-7080-K Electric Smoker as an electric smoker, you can also use it as a grill. This makes it ideal to place it in your porch for house parties and cookouts which you plan to host.


  • The Brinkmann Gourmet 810-7080-K Electric Smoker is quite inexpensive. At only a little above $100, the product is within your budget and can be ideal for your gourmet cooking requirements. A lot of users love the fact that this low-cost smoker comes with all the bells and whistles of its pricier counterparts.
    Another major advantage of the Brinkmann Gourmet 810-7080-K Electric Smoker is the fact that allows you to smoke as well as barbeque your meat. This makes it even better as an all-round smoker for your cooking requirements.
  • You can easily assemble the Brinkmann Gourmet 810-7080-K Electric Smoker by attaching the doors, handles and double grills in place. Next, plug the electric cord into an outlet close by and you will be ready to proceed. The product is also advantageous in the sense that it can be removed easily. It comes with a manual that is easy to read and it is highly user-friendly.


  • A lot of buyers have complained that they missed the absence of a thermostat in the Brinkmann Gourmet 810-7080-K Electric Smoker to regulate the temperature. The unit also produces much smoke and you would want to keep your door open or place it outside for proper ventilation. The smoker has not been devised for use in the indoor environment and it is ideal for use in only outdoor areas. Some users have also reported that the wood chips are burned by fire too fast and this leads to an accumulation of ash on the lava rocks, which may begin to float and ultimately coat your foods. In order to control this, you will require adding more wood chips to fire constantly. Further, the unit is recommended to anyone who likes to use a smoker only on an occasional basis as it has only been designed for average use.


The Brinkmann Gourmet 810-7080-K Electric Smoker offers an excellent performance and it competes with the products from other top brands in the market. This is a low-cost model and consists of some worthwhile features which can be ideal for you. For people who are on a tight budget, this model can be perfect as it is moderately-priced. You can get it easily without burning a hole in your pocket and love the special features that it comes with.

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